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TAGT Summer Scholarships due Feb. 27

TAGT Summer Scholarships due Feb. 27

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The Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT) awards summer scholarships to identified K-12 gifted students who want to enrich their learning experience during the summer months. These scholarships are based upon merit, not financial need.

Multiple awards of up to $400 are given. 39 students were awarded TAGT Summer Scholarships in 2014. The scholarships may be used to attend academic or artistic programs during the summer months. Please note that for accounting purposes scholarship checks are made payable to both the program and the scholarship winner.

Deadline: All scholarships must be submitted electronically by noon on February 27 or postmarked by February 25, 2015. All applicants will receive notification from TAGT no later than April 15 as to whether they have received a TAGT scholarship. Scholarship winners must complete and return the necessary paperwork by June 15 or the award will be forfeited.

Click for the application. If you have any problems or questions during the application process, please contact TAGT at 512.499.8248.