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Event: Independent Studies Presentations


Wednesday, Feb 17, 12 – 1 pm.

Lovejoy Administration Building –Training Room.


The Lovejoy Gifted Association is hosting an event for current Independent Studies students to present their projects to the Lovejoy Community. This is a great opportunity to hear what exciting activities these students have been working on, and it also helps the students by providing them with crucial feedback and evaluation of their presentations.


Independent Studies (IS) is a non-traditional learning experience offered to Lovejoy students in grades 7-12 ,who have the ability to create innovative products or performances. IS students develop a product proposal, compile a portfolio, conduct in-depth research, are matched with a mentor from the business or professional community, and make prepared presentations about their research, product(s), or performance(s). Under the supervision of the Independent Studies teacher, students work with their mentor to create related product(s) with real-world application(s) and tangible documentation. Students then share their presentations many times, in a variety of venues, with authentic audiences, to help improve their performances.