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LGA Grant Program for GT Teachers is now open

2015-16GrantPerezWhat is it?  Every year the Lovejoy Gifted Association funds many grant requests for Gifted and Talented Teachers in Lovejoy ISD that are too small to be considered by the Lovejoy Foundation.  Examples are math manipulatives and artwork for all 3 elementary schools that pairs with their lessons, kid -friendly books about great artists and inventors and a Jeopardy-like buzzer set for fun test reviews at Sloan Creek,  a worm farm and spectrometer for Willow Springs, and a visiting author that speaks to GT English students at LHS every year.  Too see previous grant awards click here go to our website “LGA Grants”.


The Process:  Starting in January, GT teachers apply on our website for items they would like to use in their own classrooms to benefit their students or enhance their GT curriculum.  These grant applications are then evaluated by a committee of Lovejoy Gifted Association members. The ones that will benefit the most students, make sense– in that there are not additional yearly operational costs, are within our budget, and generally provide the most “bang for the buck” are approved.  We have been blessed to be able to fully fund about 90% of these requests so far, mostly due to your generosity.  Many donations added together meet bigger needs than we can individually.


How can I help?  Please donate to our grant program this year by clicking on the button below.  100% percent of your donation is tax-deductible since we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization!  You also don’t need to be an LGA member to donate to this program and enhance your child’s experience in the GT classroom!  If your child has any GT teachers that want enrichment items for their classroom, please encourage them to apply for a grant on our website . Applications are due by Feb. 24th this year.  If you are interested in serving on the grant committee to decide which requests to fund, please contact Geri Anne Larimer via, but there are only a couple of spots available.