Advanced Rocket

$ 22.00


Please note: this is a build-at-home rocket kit. The build process of this rocket will not be covered at the build event.
This package includes: one Estes Photon Probe* rocket assembly kit plus engines and wadding for 2 launches and a swivel. Price includes launch event. Members of the Dallas Area Rocket Society will facilitate the launch event to ensure a fun and safe environment.
Participants who are not currently members of the Lovejoy Gifted Association will also need to purchase one $5 event admission per family. Membership status will be verified prior to distribution.
The rockets will be distributed at the build event Wednesday, March 21st from 6:00-7:30pm at Sloan Creek IS cafeteria. Details here. We are unable to ship the rockets, they MUST be picked up in person at the build event.
Our launch event will be Sunday, March 25th at Lovejoy High School — at Noon details here.
Parental supervision is required at both the build and launch events.
* or similar, depending on availability.