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2015-16 Teacher Grants – $2,187.00

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Worm Farm

Lovejoy High School, AP/GT Language Arts teacher, Jasen Eairheart received funding for a guest speaker, Robert Davis. This published author, columnist and teacher walked students through the writing process, and writing for specific audiences, as well as, to discuss writing as a career. $150.00
Willow Springs Middle School, GT Science teacher, Jennifer Perez, requested The Worm Factory! The Worm Factory will support the environmental literacy unit for GT science. Students will be in charge of maintaining the worm factory and will witness plant matter recycling into compost. Students will be able to conduct independent research using the compost that is created from the worm factory. GT students are creative and care about the world that they live in. Having a Worm factory in the classroom will let students design ways to enrich the garden at WSMS while at the same time helping them to become environmental stewards of planet Earth. $103.00
Sloan Creek Intermediate School, ELAR GT teacher, Claudia Love received funding to add nonfiction books to her classroom library. The book series are entitled Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Inventors and Scientists, Composers, and Artists by Mike Venezia. Students will be able to explore the areas of science and invention, art, and music by reading about the lives of important contributors in these areas. The classroom will provide more choices when students study the genre of literary nonfiction. Some examples are: Charles Drew: Doctor Who Got the World Pumped Up to Donate Blood; Peter Tchaikovsky; Frida Kahlo. $469.00
Sloan Creek Intermediate School, ELAR GT teacher, Erin McClintick was granted the MeFirst quiz-show for her students. This light-up buzzer game adds a fun competitive element to reviewing concepts, vocabulary, and information. This tool will not only benefit the classroom, but also can be used for UIL competition practice games. It can be utilized in teams, pairs, or for individuals. GT students will enjoy the engagement of competition. This system encourages a competitive spirit in an organized and fair way. In ELAR specifically, the system would be used to go over grammar skills, vocabulary meanings and stems, key information from class-studied novels, and to provide a simulation for academic decathlon which is an element of the novel. Ms. McClintick was also granted 20 Whiteboards for the classroom. This is a fantastic way to show and share sentences using vocabulary workds, sentence structure, activities, grammar identification and revising and editing practice. This is an alternative way to share and understand which adds variety to students’ writing activities. $520.00
Hart Elementary GT teacher, Shelley Cano, who teaches all GT content areas in kindergarten through second grade received a set of books to use for the Cinderella Around the World unit. 21 books total will be used at the three elementary campuses: Hart; Lovejoy; and Puster Elementary. This provides students with the opportunities to think, write, discuss, and use technology in ways beyond the knowledge level questions of “who, what, where, and when.” Deeper thinking is supported by each level of depth and complexity. Students will use these books to analyze, evaluate each version of the Cinderella tales, to debate with classmates, to seek evidence for their responses, and to synthesize their ideas. Using these books will lead students to purposeful thinking and deeper learning. $126.00
Lovejoy, Hart and Puster Elementary Schools GT Math teachers, Suzanne Hart and Miles Knight were awarded a grant for Math manipulatives, three number lines, and 2 online subscriptions. The number lines provide a context to discover patterns in our number system. This visual representation will help students become critical thinkers while discovering key concepts in our number system. The place values sets will fill a hole in our manipulative sets by providing us the range of thousandths to millions. This wide range in place value is hard to accomplish with the current manipulatives. The Fraction Pattern Block kits include two new fractional pieces that build fractional sense and correlate with our current manipulatives. The customary weights are currently not in our inventory and are necessary when comparing and contarasting the customary and metric systems. The sets of the “24 Game” are a higher level game which provides students an opportunity to strategize as well as building powerful numeracy. The subscription gives teachers an ongoing professional development outlet, and has the most up to date and current practices. The student videos are engaging, relateable to the real world, and encompasses higher level thinking. $819.00
Total funds granted in 2014-2015 $2,187.00

Total funds granted in the first three years of the LGA Grant Program